Janet's Story



The early years

Janet’s passion for horses began in childhood when the arrival of new neighbours and their ponies heralded the start of her riding career. From that day forward, Janet was hooked.  

Hailing from a non-horsey family, it was assumed that Janet’s new-found hobby would be a passing phase. However, she eventually managed to persuade her parents to buy her a pony of her own by offering to fund half the cost. She achieved this feat by selling the contents of her toy box!

Janet affectionately recalls her first two ponies as being ‘rather challenging’ and it wasn’t until the arrival of her third pony ‘Bobby Sox’ that she began to compete. By the age of 13-years old Janet was involved in all Pony Club activities with showjumping and cross country being her personal favourites.  

janet pony cropped.jpg
Janet - Ferdi Eilberg cropped.jpg
Janet with Ferdi Eilberg at Field House Equestrian Centre in 2002.

Training days


On leaving school Janet worked for her father in an office and tried a variety of other jobs before she secured a grant to train for her BHSAI at Waverton Riding Centre near Chester.

After qualifying, Janet was employed as a groom with event and dressage horses. This gave her invaluable experience and provided Janet with the opportunity to travel to competitions where she was inspired by watching top-riders in action.

Janet decided to return to Waverton Riding Centre to study for her BHSII teaching certificate and was employed as an instructor. The centre boasted several advanced schoolmaster horses at this time and Janet received training on them from visiting coaches such as Franz Rochowansky and Ferdi Eilberg.

In 1984, Janet took the decision to reduce her teaching hours at Waverton and started to offer her services as a freelance coach.

“I was fortunate enough to ride several advanced schoolmaster horses and to receive training from the likes of Franz Rochowansky and Ferdi Eilberg.”

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Janet and Erbprinz training with Kalman De Jurenak.
Janet - Adam cropped.jpg

Janet’s other horses have included ‘Lime Walk’ (Alfie) who she competed for Sara Gatt and ‘Picasso’ (Pumpkin) who she trained and competed at PSG level. Pumpkin is now with a young rider in Scotland while Alfie is with a junior rider. Janet credits Carl Hester for his help and advice in the training of these horses.

Janet currently competes ‘Doris Day’ (Doris) at PSG and Inter I. Janet purchased Doris as a foal from Germany and has been training with Joern Kubelke for eight years.

In 2018, Janet posted 3 top-ten placings at Premiere League level. She has qualified for Regional Championships at PSG and Inter I and the National Summer Music Championships at PSG Gold level.

Janet and Don Adamas. 

Janet's horses​

In 1991, Janet purchased her first dressage prospect; a three-year-old gelding from Germany. Janet produced Erbprinz (Urchi) and competed him up to Intermediate II level before he died at the age of 12 from a heart tumour.

During this period Janet was training with Carl Hester and Kalman De Jurenak, and the purchase of another three-year-old soon followed. Janet and the impressive ‘Don Adamas’ (Adam) went on qualify for the BD National Championships as a five-year-old and, later in his career, the duo returned at PSG and Inter I. Adam also qualified for Hickstead in the potential International Dressage Horse class as a 6-year-old.

Adam’s career came to an untimely end due to an attack of laminitis. He is enjoying his retirement at Janet’s yard where he still rules the roost.