Professor Moira Lafferty, Sport Psychologist

“I have worked with Janet since 2002 – She approached me to deliver a session on sport psychology to her group of BYRDS riders when she was the NW Representative for British Dressage, 16 years later we are still working together to enhance the performance environment for all riders.

I was instantly drawn in by her enthusiasm for searching for support for young riders and her openness to seeking all round development. Since then we have created and developed numerous initiatives that target holistic development. As a coach Janet is always exploring how the performance of young riders can be advanced and how sport science can help. She is open to new ideas, not afraid to think outside of the box and work with all professionals that can aid development.

She continues to push the envelope open as a coach and draw on the expertise of others and I believe her strength as a coach is “knowing the boundary of her expertise” and drawing on those that can help from sport psychologists, strength and conditioning coaches, pilates instructors, nutritionists, equine specialists and all those that contribute to performance development. With over 25 years as a sport psychologist who has worked across numerous sports – Janet’s drive, determination and focus to help all develop is unparalleled.”

Fiona Lace BHSII, UKCC Level 3, List 2A judge

“I have known Janet for a number of years and watched her coaching many riders, in particular young riders. She is always very clear, positive and encouraging in her coaching methods. Her riders gain in confidence which really helps them to achieve good results.”


Pat Dewhurst, List 5 dressage judge

“I have known  Janet Horswill for over 40 years and our paths have crossed many times .She encouraged my own daughter to get involved with North West B.Y.R.DS which turned out to be a fantastic experience.

Janet has done several clinics for Saddleworth and District Pony Club where participants have really benefited from her invaluable experience with young people. Some feedback from the children after Janet’s visit included: “this was a positive ,warm, friendly knowledgeable lesson and we came away buzzing with lots to work on!”

Nigel Shaw

“Our daughter has been training with Janet for three years. We have been very impressed with Janet’s way of coaching – after each session our daughter beams with satisfaction and is energised to take away what she has learnt in that session and apply it to her regular training at home.

In three years, we have not only seen a boost in our daughter’s riding ability, but also a boost in confidence and self-assurance; a willingness and desire to try new things and gain new experiences; to push her own boundaries and to achieve new things.  At age 17, our daughter had the confidence to travel to Germany and try out various horses on an International Dressage Yard, selecting and importing a young Warm Blood back to the UK to start to bring on. In three months she has progressed the horse from nothing through Preliminary and Novice to Elementary and hopes to ride Medium within the next three months.

As non-horsey parents, our experience with Janet has been great – she has a welcoming demeanour and is friendly and welcoming. She explains things to us in a non-technical way and has a very positive outlook to our daughter’s riding “journey” (both Training and Competing).

Overall, if you are looking for a Dressage Coach that has “been there and done that”, has a fantastic wealth of horse and Dressage knowledge and can tailor a Coaching package to meet your individual needs, we would recommend Janet wholeheartedly.”

Jane Hyndman

“I cannot recommend Janet highly enough as a dressage coach. She has helped my teenage daughter to move from elementary to Prix St George and FEI Junior classes in only a couple of years.


Due to Janet’s exceptional coaching skills, total drive to always develop as a coach backed up with solid academic knowledge and credentials, my daughter has moved seamlessly from riding ponies to horses and she has encouraged her to think about and work towards her long term goals rather than stay merely in the moment.


Janet’s holistic approach and willingness to involve other skilled professionals such as sports psychologists and fitness coaches is extremely beneficial and ensures that the rider’s confidence grows along with their riding skills.”

Enid Baines

“Janet has been my coach and mentor for many years. During this time I have witnessed her enthusiasm for the development of the sport and her inspiration leading to her position of BYRDS director. Even after retiring from her 6 year term as director, she continues to further her coaching skills and achieved UKCC Level 4 status and still champions accessible coaching and training for young people.


In her coaching she promotes the importance of correct scales of training to produce athleticism in the horse, and for rider fitness to improve core strength and balance. She has also set up a rider pilates class which I have benefited from immensely, always prepared to think outside the box and go the extra mile, I always look forward to our sessions.”

Amanda Palmer ​

“I went to Janet many years ago with my first horse Jim, we were at prelim level dressage. With regular lessons with Janet she enabled us to go up the levels reaching advanced medium level. My daughter also has lessons with Janet through BD youth and always looks forward to them she has qualified for the area festivals and under 25’s championships at Sheepgate with her 5yr old welsh section D Morlena Iron Lady. We have had two young horses that we started ourselves and Janet has given us valuable help along the way to keep things on track.

I highly recommend Janet as a coach she has a wealth of knowledge and experience and enjoys teaching anyone who is enthusiastic to learn no matter what level you’re at. She continues to update and develop her teaching skills in order to coach riders in the best possible way. We always enjoy Janet’s lessons, they are valuable and fun!”

Sarah Caplan

“I would highly recommend Janet as a coach for all levels of dressage. She has a unique ability of getting the absolute best from horse and rider through patient and considered instruction aimed at increasing confidence in both horse and rider. She will make you (and your horse) believe that you can achieve movements that previously have just been in your dreams.


Janet is a dedicated and highly professional coach, she makes dressage training fun and rewarding for both horse and rider, just one word of warning though, you will become hooked!”